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Find out more about our software compliance services. We help identify,
contact, and resolve unlicensed software issues, convert customers, and more...


I've received a copyright infringement email from ITCA, what happens next?

Software Compliance Services

Compliance doesn’t have to be complex. Our services take the burden out of your hands, making
sure you get the best resolution and returns without impacting customer relationships. We manage
the investigation, negotiation, andsettlement of your license infringement cases.


Infringement Resolution 

Compliance Optimization


Who’s abusing your software? And of those people, how should you approach the issue? Every case is different and must be handled with respect and care.

We help you tackle these complexities, gathering the information you need to build a case, and plan a response. Our global investigation team uses a range of tools to identify unlicensed software users and provide you with the routes to settlement.

Our expertise in regional legislation and 15 years’ experience in compliance resolutions help you choose the course of action that’s most likely to achieve your goals. From punitive measures to amicable settlement.

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Infringement Resolution

Once we’ve identified an unlicensed user, we request permission to pursue
settlement. We know it's important to preserve customer relationships, so we
act on your behalf with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

With your authority, we offer a resolution plan, handling negotiation, and
managing the settlement for you. Should further action be requested, we
work with a global network of legal partners to support legal action.

Compliance Optimization

We specialise in converting unlicensed software users into profitable,
legitimate clients. We help manage a settlement that protects your
customers from potentially dangerous unlicensed software, as well as your
intellectual property.

We take a consultative approach, offering settlement options that turn
software compliance into a strategic revenue stream. By outsourcing your
software compliance tasks to us, you keep costs down while benefitting
from our expertise and support.

We’re ready to support your compliance goals


Speak to us today to find out more about our services and how ITCA can help ensure software
compliance, protect your customers, and create new revenuestreams for your business.

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