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We protect you and the software you rely on

Every day, people are at risk from the unseen threat of unlicensed software use. As the global leader in software licensing compliance, we protect software creators and the people who rely on their products day in, day out.

I’ve received a copyright infringement email from ITCA, what happens next?

Trusted license compliance against software piracy

Today’s software piracy is complex and nuanced. Many businesses don’t realize their exposure to unlicensed software until it’s too late. We work with software companies to protect their customers from this risk and ensure fair and honest compliance to license agreements.

We combine a mix of cutting-edge technology and 15 years of global expertise, to identify, locate, and resolve complex compliance issues for our clients.

Source: Business Journals (link)


37% of all software is being used unlawfully worldwide

Source: Business Journals (link)


Protect your intellectual property while giving users a great experience

We understand that protecting your relationship with your customers is essential. That’s why we use the utmost care and respect while protecting your intellectual property.

We take the stress of resolving license infringement out of your hands. We manage the identification, communication, and litigation on your behalf, protecting your client relationships while optimizing value on return.

$9.1 Billion

Commercial value of unlicensed software in the US

1 in 3

Chance of contracting malware when installing unlicensed software


Rate of illegitimate software installation in China

Partner with a trusted, leading, software compliance specialist

As a global leader, ITCA has a unique understanding of the legal, political, and cultural aspects of software compliance that affect different countries. We know that different regions require different solutions. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, offer guidance in software compliance and licensing, and build a fairer playing field for the entire software community.

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Hassle-free software compliance services

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We’ll discuss the unique needs of your business and explore how we can help you achieve your software compliance goals.

We identify unlicensed users and convert them into licensed customers.