Cyber security in the Middle East is at risk, fuelled partly due to ignorance about the topic in the region, a construction expert has told Construction Week Qatar.

Walid Jaludi, managing director at ITCA, Middle East and Africa said: “Cyber security in the Middle East is at high risk. Security breaches emphasise the reality of the risk to secure data and the substantial harm, financially and otherwise, which can result from breaches.”

Jaludi points out the role of ignorance in compounding the situation.

“One of the largest roadblocks IT security faces in the battle against cyber-attacks is the lack of understanding about the true threat to cyber security. Companies need to be looking at the overall picture – from source to solution. One of the biggest source threats typically associated with cyber security is malware.

“What IT does not generally realise is that it is not malware breaking into enterprise security from the outside that is the most serious threat. Most commonly, security breaches are caused by malware coming from the inside of companies where pirated or ‘cracked’ software is being used.”

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