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Software Compliance Enforcement

Software Asset Management ToolsSoftware vendors who want piracy and compliance issues resolved in the most economically beneficial and efficient method possible  and software customers who want to ensure their compliance come to ITCA.

We champion our clients in their pursuit to identify and prosecute software piracy and we convert customers who are unaware of their incompliance or who want to make sure they are fully compliant into responsible software users going forward. We advise and manage existing compliance programs within large and multinational companies, thus protecting them against possible software piracy charges as well as protecting against network vulnerabilities.

Software piracy is a global issue. ITCA experts are seasoned professionals who negotiate with integrity and sensitivity to regional laws and unique situations and who understand how to bring companies into compliance and guide their ongoing software asset management. We achieve our clients’ goals through a complete spectrum of services offered through our Compliance Resolution Services, our SimpleSAM software asset management program, and innovative identification and automated analysis software from our partner SmartFlow Compliance Solutions (SCS).


Software Compliance Monetization ServicesREvenue Recovery From Unlicensed Software Users

Through his decade of experience as an international reseller of hardware and software licenses and licensing agreements, founder and CEO Chris Luijten recognized the enormity of the issues surrounding software piracy and compliance. He stepped up to take a leadership role in global software compliance advocacy and founded ITCA to fulfill a need he saw for a service dedicated to guiding and educating industry stakeholders in software use, licensing and compliance.

ITCA continues to grow and expand into emerging markets in its pursuit to bring non compliant companies into full compliance and control the vast underground piracy market.