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Software Asset Management

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SimpleSam Software Asset Management

Many companies, especially large multinational corporations, find it difficult to properly track and manage their software assets and employee usage. SimpleSam enables organizations to ensure software license compliance and eliminate software piracy throughout their organization.

Identifying Software Piracy and Under-Compliance Within an Organization

The SimpleSam Software Asset Management program enables end-user companies to take a proactive approach to their software asset management by auditing their assets, identifying areas of risk and exposure, and guiding them in establishing and managing an effective program that will protect them from legal issues and network vulnerabilities stemming from misused software licenses.

Protect your organization, protect your clients, protect yourself.

Simple SAM
Average percentage of piracy in emerging markets
amount of times annually an organization is either audited or receives letters regarding compliance from a software vendor
amount of statutory damages awarded in the U.S. for a willful copyright infringement lawsuit
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