Everyone is Doing It: US NAVY Caught Pirating Software on Over 500k Computers

July 29 , 2016

Apparently everyone is pirating software, including the US Navy. German company Bitmanagement is suing the US military for willful copyright infringement on a massive scale after being caught installing software on over 500,000 computers without their authorization during licensing negotiation.

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Middle East construction cyber security at risk

June 17 , 2015

Cyber security in the Middle East is at risk, fuelled partly due to ignorance about the topic in the region, a construction expert has told Construction Week Qatar.  

Walid Jaludi, managing director at ITCA, Middle East and Africa said: “Cyber

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A Call for Kuwait Ministry of Commerce to take action against Software Piracy

January 17 , 2015

IP infringement in general and software piracy in particular is a difficult problem in Kuwait. Until recently, lack of concern and cooperation from the Kuwait Ministry of Commerce combined with weak results in the courts and non-deterrent penalties has done

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A Triumph for the Naval Design Software Industry

September 10 , 2014

Da Nang, Vietnam - Earlier this month, Mr. Trin Trung Hieu was apprehended by the Vietnamese governmental authorities, marking the end of his decade-long career leading a global piracy organization specializing in cracking and selling naval design software.

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Staying Ahead of Software Piracy

September 06 , 2014

With the introduction of new technologies to identify and address copyright infringement, software companies have temporarily gained an advantage over unlicensed users, but for how long?

Traditional investigative work is time consuming, complicated and cumbersome, so its not hard to

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Cameroon: Court Finds Three Firms Guilty of Software Piracy in Africa

August 04 , 2014

THREE companies have been found guilty of reproducing and/or using Sage software illegally on the continent.

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Bank of America illegally copied $300M in software, alleges Tibco lawsuit

July 15 , 2014

IDG News Service - Bank of America illegally copied $300 million worth of Tibco's enterprise software for use in a massive IT project at its Merrill Lynch subsidiary, Tibco alleges in a lawsuit.

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Morningstar settles software piracy case

July 07 , 2014

On the eve of going to trial, Morningstar Inc. has reached a preliminary settlement in an intellectual property lawsuit brought by Business Logic Corp., a 401(k) managed accounts software company.

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IDC Study USD 0.8bn Saved Through Using Pirated Software Regresses to a USD 35bn Loss in Exports

June 26 , 2014

Against the backdrop of the Law Against Unfair Competition in the United States, International Data Corporation today unveiled a whitepaper on the possible risk for India’s manufacturing sector due to non-compliance with clean IT practices.

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Do part to battle software piracy, malls urged

June 23 , 2014

SHOPPING malls in Penang have been urged to be responsible in the battle against software piracy.

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