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Mireille Capriles
NAME: Mireille Capriles
TITLE: Managing Director
REGION: Southern Europe Regional Office
EXPERIENCE: EIGHT years of experience in anti-piracy and software compliance resolutions
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Mireille is managing director of ITCA’s Southern Europe regional office. She joined ITCA in 2009 as a senior account manager, where her success in creating revenue and achieving cost savings for the company and its clients earned her a promotion to regional managing director in less than a year. Mireille has been a key player in ITCA’s anti-piracy, software compliance resolution, and revenue recovery efforts in Southern Europe. She continues to leverage her talent and experience in communicating and interacting with people at all levels to streamline operations and broaden the company’s European presence going forward. Mireille holds a B.A. in political sciences and international relations from the Universite de Bruxelles (ULB).