Todd Reade

Todd Reade - CEO


“TransMagic partners with ITCA to deliver solutions that help thousands of companies share 3D design data. Todd Reade, CEO of TransMagic: “ITCA has a great team and is a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend them to any software company that is experiencing this type of problem [software piracy].”

Andre Corniere

Andre Corniere - Steel Segment Director


“In order for Tekla to achieve maximum reach, for the past 3 years, Tekla has entrusted its software piracy issue in the hands of ITCA. Andre Corniere, Steel Segment Director at Tekla: “There is big, big potential here. “

Ross Shain

Ross Shain - Chief Marketing Officer


“For the last year, ITCA related compliance revenue has contributed to approximately 5% of our commercial product sales revenue. ITCA has effectively helped turn the unpaid infringers into paying customers.”

Ted Miracco

Ted Miracco - VP of Intellectual Property Compliance


“ITCA has been highly cooperative and very willing to work with us to enhance our existing compliance program into a high-risk market. By working with our existing databases, ITCA demonstrated their flexibility from the start and that has become a key factor behind our decision to grow the relationship into a global compliance effort.”

Marco Paolini

Marco Paolini - Partner


“With ITCA, we realize that end-user organizations can be pirating up to 100 licenses at once, which is substantial. This partnership with ITCA has really opened our eyes to the blatant illegal use of our software by end-user organizations around the world.”

Donald Dorsey

Donald Dorsey - Desktop Products Channel Manager


“Geometric Ltd. is a global leader in engineering solutions and technologies. Faced with the ever-growing problem of piracy of their widely used innovative CAD/CAM software, “Camworks”, they looked to ITCA: “ITCA has the experience and skills to deal with the tough issues surrounding piracy. It is an eye-opening and profitable experience working with them.”