Donald Dorsey
Donald Dorsey
Desktop Products Channel Manager - Americas, Geometric Technologies
"Geometric Ltd. is a global leader in engineering solutions and technologies. Faced with the ever-growing problem of piracy of their widely used innovative CAD/CAM software, “Camworks”, they looked to ITCA: “ITCA has the experience and skills to deal with the tough issues surrounding piracy. It is an eye-opening and profitable experience working with them.”

Their Story

We (Geometric) have always been acutely aware that piracy was an industry-wide problem, and we needed a way to deal with the increasing piracy of our own software. Management discussed how to tackle the issue internally, and the decision was made to use a third party with in-depth experience in piracy to deal with our infringement issues instead of creating a new internal area or use existing personnel who didn’t have the experience or skills to deal with the tough issues surrounding piracy.

We were introduced to ITCA through a vendor who highly recommended them as a trusted company to work with the information that the vendor’s products generated and as a company that provided results.

Solutions & Results

The ITCA services we benefit most from are the Compliance Enforcement Services because they take the time to analyze lead generation and do a great job of following up. They assist in finding illegal users, contacting them and then bringing them to full compliance.

[ITCA has] been able to significantly increase our revenue and brought numerous new clients to Geometric in the process. They showed us how the lifecycle works in creating a customer base out of incompliant users and accelerated our learning curve on the piracy market.


We have not encountered any other companies that offer similar services as ITCA. We haven’t looked for others at this point either, and I can’t imagine why we would start as we are very happy with ITCA. We intend to continue working with ITCA in the future, and will recommend them to others as the solution to their piracy issues. We have developed a profitable partner-like relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

ITCA’s expertise, resources and method in which they confront potential customers are invaluable to us as they foster goodwill between Geometric and those customers, allowing us to work together going forward. ITCA is a company that lives up to its reputation. They are very effective in enforcing license compliance and have provided a good source of additional revenue on a constant basis.

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